Creamed Feet – Alexis


Meet Alexis Devine. I’ve been recruiting girls for Creamed Feet recently and spotted her at a trendy shoe store. It was hard not to miss her. She had piles of shoe boxes around her. She also had very sexy feet that I couldn’t keep my eyes off of. When I offered to buy her a pair of big black heels, she went for it, not knowing that I was talent scouting.

She seemed like a sweet and innocent girl, but I quickly discovered her slutty side. It wasn’t the first time she was hit on at a shore store. And it definitely isn’t Alexis’ first time giving a footjob. She knows exactly how to satisfy a foot fetish and the best part is that she enjoys doing it. In this video she let’s her sugar daddy lick and smell her feet before the action starts. But it’s not long before she has her soft feet rubbing his cock. She knew exactly how to get a man off with just her feet.

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