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Ariannas foot fetish

This is Arianna and she is here to fulfill your foot fetish. Imagine that. A beautiful Japanese blonde showing her feet and using them to dominate and arouse. Among sex dolls Arianna is foot fetish goddess!

Coincidentally Arianna works as a foot massage therapist. Imagine coming home to Arianna after a long hard day at work…bliss!

Arianna is a blonde Japanese mid 20s girl with a svelte and slim body. She has slim petite size 5 feet with high arches. Her toes are amazing, they cascade down in perfect order and size. Her toenails are square-shaped and can be painted any colour.

Sex Dolls Foot Fetish

Imagine dressing Arianna in thigh-high socks. Imagine lifting one socked foot on your thigh, running your hands from her thighs to her socked feet. Imagine slowly and seductively pulling off the socks with your teeth. Imagine licking the sole of her foot, up her high arch to her cute little toes.

Imagine sucking on her big toe at the same time inhaling the intoxicating aroma of her foot. Imagine more sucking and licking until you can almost fit her entire foot down your throat : a proper make out session with her feet. Imagine doing this whenever and wherever you want.

Do you want to worship at Arianna’s feet?