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Olivia Rose landlord foot worship

The rent was due again, and once again, this broke loser couldn’t come up with the money. Olivia Rose, landlord with a foot fetish, was standing at his door, demanding to be paid. He knew he had nothing, nada, zero, zilch to give her. But what could he do? He needed a place to live.

As he stuttered and stumbled over excuses, Olivia’s piercing eyes stared him down. Her fiery red hair cascaded down her back, framing her perfectly shaped face. She was a goddess in human form, and he couldn’t help but feel intimidated by her presence.

“God, you’re such a little bitch,” she sneered, interrupting his babbling. “How could you have made such a huge mistake?”

He hung his head in shame and tried to come up with an answer that wouldn’t further enrage her.

“Oh, shut up,” she said dismissively. “Man, you know what? I don’t want to hear any more excuses. It’s this way every month with you. You could only use the excuse that you have a gambling addiction so many times before I don’t care anymore,” Olivia continued, her voice dripping with disdain. “Lick my feet,” Olivia suddenly demanded, snapping him out of his thoughts.

He looked up at her, instantly turned on.

“Because you’re about to be my bitch,” she clarified with a wicked smile.

He felt a mixture of fear and excitement at her words. He hesitantly laid down before her, her dangling her feet above him, and he and began to lick her feet as she instructed. She smirked down at him in triumph, reveling in her power over him.

She wiggled her toes in his mouth, relishing in the sensation of his tongue against her skin. She could tell that he was getting more and more turned on with each lick and suck, and she couldn’t resist teasing him further.

“You know what I love most about having a foot fetish?” she asked coyly.

He looked up at her with anticipation, eager to hear what she had to say.

“It’s how easy it is to manipulate men like you,” she said with a laugh. “All I have to do is dangle my feet in front of you, and you’ll do anything for me.”

Ever since he could remember, he had been obsessed with feet. And now, here he was, doing exactly what Olivia wanted just for the chance to worship them. Oh yeah, and to pay the rent. He almost forgot.

Beneath her sexy feet where he belonged, he got lost in the Olivia Rose foot worship, forgetting all about the rent and just enjoying the goddess above him.

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Sheena Rose’s soft feet and sexy toes

You are a lucky man, indeed. You have found yourself a girlfriend who not only accepts but embraces your foot fetish. Sheena Rose is her name – a stunning blonde beauty with a mischievous glint in her eye and the softest feet you have ever laid eyes on.

As you walk into the living room, your eyes instantly gravitate towards her delicate feet. She’s chilling on the floor, looking so cute.

“Hey there, foot slave,” she teases, wiggling her toes playfully.

Your heart flutters as you take in her words. It still amazes you how well she understands and fulfills your needs. You feel like you have hit the jackpot with this girl, and you wouldn’t trade her or her perfect feet for anything in the world.

Sheena beckons you closer, patting the spot on the floor next to her. You eagerly obey and kneel down beside her, already anticipating the sensation of her warm soles against your face.

“You know what to do,” she says with a sly smile, crossing one leg over the other, presenting her feet right in front of your nose.

Without hesitation, you lean forward and inhale deeply, taking in the intoxicating scent of her sweaty feet. It’s a familiar smell that brings a rush of pleasure and desire to every fiber of your being.

Sheena giggles softly as she watches you worship her feet, kissing every inch of them lovingly. You gently press your cheek to the sole of her foot, savoring the moment when her bare skin touches yours. She lets out a contented sigh as you start massaging her arches and rubbing your thumbs along the sensitive spots.

“God, I love it when you do that,” she moans, closing her eyes in bliss.

You continue to shower her feet with attention, knowing exactly how to please her. Sheena’s toes curl in pleasure, and a little shiver runs through her body.

“You’re so good with your tongue,” she praises, and you can’t help but feel a sense of pride at her words.

You eagerly comply when she tells you to lick in between her toes, not wanting to miss any spot. Her feet are your favorite delicacy, and you can never get enough of them.

As you continue to worship her feet, she tells you about her day. She had gone to the gym, hit the mall for some shopping, and ended the day with a relaxing yoga session. Her busy schedule has left her feet tired and sweaty, but that only increases their allure to you.

“They definitely need some tender loving care,” she says with a smile. “And who better to provide it than my devoted foot slave?”

Sheena leans back as you massage and kiss her feet. She lets out soft moans of pleasure, basking in the attention and pampering you give her.

“I could do this all day,” she muses dreamily, gently running her fingers through your hair.

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Jackie Ohh foot massage fantasy

Get ready to indulge in the ultimate foot fetish fantasy with Jackie Ohh on Bratty Foot Dom! The captivating long-haired brunette is about to entice you with her perfectly pedicured feet and high-heeled stilettos! What a sensual treat it will be to watch her achieve sweet feet relief…

“Will you rub my feet for me?” she asks her man sweetly, extending them towards him so he can remove her stiletto heels. “They’re feeling quite sore.” He eagerly agrees and takes hold of her feet in his hands, marveling at their softness and warmth. As he works his way around each arch and heel, Jackie lets out soft moans of pleasure.

“That feels amazing,” she coos as he massages away every ache and pain from her feet. “Thank you for taking care of them for me,” she says with gratitude on her lips. “Now kiss them, please!”

Without hesitation, he leans in and begins kissing and licking every inch of her soft skin. Jackie lets out a satisfied sigh, enjoying the sensation of his lips against her sensitive nerves. “I love it when he kisses my toes,” she whispers with a smile.

Feeling emboldened by her words, he continues lavishing attention on her feet, running his tongue along her arches and gently nibbling on her toes. Her moans grow louder and more urgent, signaling that she is reaching the height of pleasure.

But just as things are getting heated, Jackie suddenly pulls away with a teasing smirk. “Not so fast,” she says, running a finger along his jawline. “My feet need some more pampering before we move on to anything else. Keep going, baby…”

With a seductive grin, Jackie wiggles her toes in front of his face. “Take good care of these,” she commands. “Lick and kiss them until they feel better.” He wastes no time in following her orders, running his tongue over every inch of her feet and paying special attention to each toe.

“Keep going,” she urges between moans. “Make me feel even better.” And he does just that, using his hands and mouth to pleasure her feet until she is on the verge of ecstasy. The foot massage that Jackie had been craving was just as satisfying as she imagined it would be, and perhaps now it’s time to have some more fun on those pretty purple sheets of hers!

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Stripper heel worship with Lily Lane

How would you like to be the lucky guy to worship Lily Lane’s sweaty stripper heels? She says she’s been dancing all night long in those super high heels, and she knows that her guy is a filthy little pervert for heels too. The way they smell and the way they feel just turn him on so very much! She humiliates him for his fetish too, telling him he’s pathetic for licking her stinky shoes.

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Lily Lane foot worship in stripper heels

She commands him to take off her stripper heels, revealing her bare feet that are covered in droplets of sweat. He wastes no time in diving in, eagerly licking away every drop from the bottom of her wrinkly soles to the spaces between her sexy toes. She moans in pleasure as he sucks on each toe individually, relishing in the sensation.

“Shove my whole foot in your fucking mouth,” Lily commands, grabbing his hair and pushing his face into her foot. “I’m gonna fuck your face with that foot.” Her words are both degrading and arousing, and he does exactly as she says without hesitation. She continues to berate him as he worships her feet, reminding him who is in charge.

He can’t get enough of her feet, savoring every lick and kiss while she enjoys the control over him. Lily knows just how much power she holds when it comes to her feet, and she loves it. The thought of being worshipped like this drives her wild.

As the session comes to an end, Lily looks down at her submissive foot slave with satisfaction. He may be a filthy little pervert for feet, but he’s hers to command to worship them whenever she desires. And who wouldn’t want to be at the beck and call of such a powerful and beautiful woman like Lily Lane?

“Good boy,” she says with a smirk, patting him on the head like a loyal pet. “You did well today.”

He looks up at her with adoration in his eyes, grateful for the opportunity to serve her and worship her perfect feet. She reaches down and strokes his face, enjoying the devotion he shows her.

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Falaka Feet Whipping

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Feet Whipping Samara – Falaka and Bastinado

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