Foot fetish therapist Lola Fae

Craving his therapist’s feet

Distracted by the feet of therapist Lola Fae, the horny patient nervously shifts in his chair. He knows that today’s session will be unlike any other. Lola has promised him something unique, something that will help him overcome all of his hang-ups. What could it possibly be?

As she begins their therapy session, Lola asks her patient to close his eyes and take a deep breath. She guides him through a relaxation exercise, her soothing voice calming his racing thoughts. When he opens his eyes again, he notices a mischievous glint in Lola’s gaze.

“Now that our session has ended, is there anything else you’d like to tell me?” she asks with a knowing smile.

He hesitates, unsure if he should reveal his deepest desires to his therapist. His eyes dart to her feet, admiring her sexy but professional high heels, the thing that has distracted him through every therapy session prior. But as she continues to coax him with her soft words, he finally admits the truth.

“I…I like feet,” he stammers out, feeling embarrassed and ashamed.

But instead of judgment or disgust, Lola simply nods and asks, “How does enjoying feet make you feel?”

As a therapist, she is trained to listen without judgment and help her patients work through their feelings. And so she patiently listens as he explains how the sight and smell of feet arouse him.

“I just can’t understand why oh why would this excite you? Just watching my heel dangle off my foot… Why don’t you show me?” Lola suggests with a playful smirk.

Feeling both nervous and excited, the patient slowly reaches out and takes off Lola’s heel. He takes in the scent of her foot, feeling a rush of arousal wash over him.

Lola instructs him to explore his fetish further, encouraging him to touch and taste her feet. As he obeys her commands, he can’t believe he is experiencing such pleasure from something that society deems as taboo.

But with Lola’s guidance and acceptance, he allows himself to fully indulge in his desires. He runs his tongue along her arches, sucking on each toe with avid enthusiasm. In the midst of their session, he feels so free with his face pressed against those sexy soles that he has desired for so long.

Every lick, every kiss, every suck of her tantalizing toes… It makes him feel so heated, so on fire inside, his cock throbbing and pulsing as his taste buds flick on her feet. Every foot fetish fantasy he’s ever had is playing out in real life, and he can hardly believe it. Nearing the edge, he feels his balls tightening and his cum threatening to spill out before he’s ever touched anything but her feet!

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