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Sheena Rose’s soft feet and sexy toes

You are a lucky man, indeed. You have found yourself a girlfriend who not only accepts but embraces your foot fetish. Sheena Rose is her name – a stunning blonde beauty with a mischievous glint in her eye and the softest feet you have ever laid eyes on.

As you walk into the living room, your eyes instantly gravitate towards her delicate feet. She’s chilling on the floor, looking so cute.

“Hey there, foot slave,” she teases, wiggling her toes playfully.

Your heart flutters as you take in her words. It still amazes you how well she understands and fulfills your needs. You feel like you have hit the jackpot with this girl, and you wouldn’t trade her or her perfect feet for anything in the world.

Sheena beckons you closer, patting the spot on the floor next to her. You eagerly obey and kneel down beside her, already anticipating the sensation of her warm soles against your face.

“You know what to do,” she says with a sly smile, crossing one leg over the other, presenting her feet right in front of your nose.

Without hesitation, you lean forward and inhale deeply, taking in the intoxicating scent of her sweaty feet. It’s a familiar smell that brings a rush of pleasure and desire to every fiber of your being.

Sheena giggles softly as she watches you worship her feet, kissing every inch of them lovingly. You gently press your cheek to the sole of her foot, savoring the moment when her bare skin touches yours. She lets out a contented sigh as you start massaging her arches and rubbing your thumbs along the sensitive spots.

“God, I love it when you do that,” she moans, closing her eyes in bliss.

You continue to shower her feet with attention, knowing exactly how to please her. Sheena’s toes curl in pleasure, and a little shiver runs through her body.

“You’re so good with your tongue,” she praises, and you can’t help but feel a sense of pride at her words.

You eagerly comply when she tells you to lick in between her toes, not wanting to miss any spot. Her feet are your favorite delicacy, and you can never get enough of them.

As you continue to worship her feet, she tells you about her day. She had gone to the gym, hit the mall for some shopping, and ended the day with a relaxing yoga session. Her busy schedule has left her feet tired and sweaty, but that only increases their allure to you.

“They definitely need some tender loving care,” she says with a smile. “And who better to provide it than my devoted foot slave?”

Sheena leans back as you massage and kiss her feet. She lets out soft moans of pleasure, basking in the attention and pampering you give her.

“I could do this all day,” she muses dreamily, gently running her fingers through your hair.

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Jackie Ohh foot massage fantasy

Get ready to indulge in the ultimate foot fetish fantasy with Jackie Ohh on Bratty Foot Dom! The captivating long-haired brunette is about to entice you with her perfectly pedicured feet and high-heeled stilettos! What a sensual treat it will be to watch her achieve sweet feet relief…

“Will you rub my feet for me?” she asks her man sweetly, extending them towards him so he can remove her stiletto heels. “They’re feeling quite sore.” He eagerly agrees and takes hold of her feet in his hands, marveling at their softness and warmth. As he works his way around each arch and heel, Jackie lets out soft moans of pleasure.

“That feels amazing,” she coos as he massages away every ache and pain from her feet. “Thank you for taking care of them for me,” she says with gratitude on her lips. “Now kiss them, please!”

Without hesitation, he leans in and begins kissing and licking every inch of her soft skin. Jackie lets out a satisfied sigh, enjoying the sensation of his lips against her sensitive nerves. “I love it when he kisses my toes,” she whispers with a smile.

Feeling emboldened by her words, he continues lavishing attention on her feet, running his tongue along her arches and gently nibbling on her toes. Her moans grow louder and more urgent, signaling that she is reaching the height of pleasure.

But just as things are getting heated, Jackie suddenly pulls away with a teasing smirk. “Not so fast,” she says, running a finger along his jawline. “My feet need some more pampering before we move on to anything else. Keep going, baby…”

With a seductive grin, Jackie wiggles her toes in front of his face. “Take good care of these,” she commands. “Lick and kiss them until they feel better.” He wastes no time in following her orders, running his tongue over every inch of her feet and paying special attention to each toe.

“Keep going,” she urges between moans. “Make me feel even better.” And he does just that, using his hands and mouth to pleasure her feet until she is on the verge of ecstasy. The foot massage that Jackie had been craving was just as satisfying as she imagined it would be, and perhaps now it’s time to have some more fun on those pretty purple sheets of hers!

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Stripper heel worship with Lily Lane

How would you like to be the lucky guy to worship Lily Lane’s sweaty stripper heels? She says she’s been dancing all night long in those super high heels, and she knows that her guy is a filthy little pervert for heels too. The way they smell and the way they feel just turn him on so very much! She humiliates him for his fetish too, telling him he’s pathetic for licking her stinky shoes.

It’s a hot treat from Bratty Foot Dom, the foot fetish site on the Ash Beckett Films network, and what a video it is! Lily Lane just lying back on the couch with her man licking and kissing her stripper heels. But she’s the one in charge, telling him precisely how to worship her feet. She’s freshly off the stage with her filthy sweaty feet, but he can’t get enough. She laughs at him, calling him a weirdo, but she’s loving every moment of it too.

Lily Lane foot worship in stripper heels

She commands him to take off her stripper heels, revealing her bare feet that are covered in droplets of sweat. He wastes no time in diving in, eagerly licking away every drop from the bottom of her wrinkly soles to the spaces between her sexy toes. She moans in pleasure as he sucks on each toe individually, relishing in the sensation.

“Shove my whole foot in your fucking mouth,” Lily commands, grabbing his hair and pushing his face into her foot. “I’m gonna fuck your face with that foot.” Her words are both degrading and arousing, and he does exactly as she says without hesitation. She continues to berate him as he worships her feet, reminding him who is in charge.

He can’t get enough of her feet, savoring every lick and kiss while she enjoys the control over him. Lily knows just how much power she holds when it comes to her feet, and she loves it. The thought of being worshipped like this drives her wild.

As the session comes to an end, Lily looks down at her submissive foot slave with satisfaction. He may be a filthy little pervert for feet, but he’s hers to command to worship them whenever she desires. And who wouldn’t want to be at the beck and call of such a powerful and beautiful woman like Lily Lane?

“Good boy,” she says with a smirk, patting him on the head like a loyal pet. “You did well today.”

He looks up at her with adoration in his eyes, grateful for the opportunity to serve her and worship her perfect feet. She reaches down and strokes his face, enjoying the devotion he shows her.

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Jacky Ohh’s foot smelling handjob after work

Jacky Ohh brought her size nine-and-a-half feet to a dick jerking sesh so you can sniff them and lick them while she strokes!

It’s a foot fetish feast from Bratty Foot Dom, a new offering from the Ash Beckett Films collection of fetish sites. Let’s take a closer look at this brunette beauty with the cute feet.

It’s a story of foot fetish pleasure told by Jacky Ohh while she strokes

In this after-work foot smelling handjob with hot brunette Jacky Ohh, it’s been a long day at work for the lusty dick jerker, and her feet got so sweaty and stinky in her tight shoes! She’s gonna stick those sweaty toes in your face while she jerks her man’s dick. Don’t you just love a good foot smelling handjob?

Jacky Ohh foot smelling handjob on Bratty Foot Dom

The anticipation is palpable in the room as Jacky Ohh slips off her shoes and socks, revealing her soft, pink soles. Her feet are so inviting, you just want to get your tongue all over them. You can almost sense the smell of her sweat-soaked feet before even getting close to them!

She wiggles her toes and spreads them apart, beckoning you closer. You take a deep breath of heady foot aroma as she slides one foot forward onto your face. The sensation of her sweaty skin against yours is electrifying!

The pleasure is intense as she moves her toes around your mouth and nose. You’re totally under her spell now and can’t help but lick every inch of those gorgeous feet.

Your tongue slips between each toe like a tongue between fingers. The salty sweat from each foot mixes with the taste of your saliva as Jacky Ohh moans in delight at every stroke!

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I pulled on her shoestring. I loosened the laces and also worked the shoe of her off. She was using a short white colored sock with a bit of red ball over the rear. I set the shoe of her down on the earth and carefully pulled back the sock of her. It was a bit of too sweaty, therefore it peeled rather than sliding down, revealing the foot of her. I had taken a great look at the foot of her and smiled. It was pale and cute so – truly little and the forefoot were small toes at the end. There was funny little indents all over the foot of her from where footwear and also sock had been. I put the palm of mine up against the sole of the feet of her after which slid it forth and back. At exactly the same period, I rubbed the roof of the feet with the other hand of mine. Her foot was very soft. I can tell she did not run around much with no shoes on because there was absolutely no calluses on the bottom part of her foot. “Remember, you’ve to tell me if a thing is affecting you.”

Sarah Cute did not say something, but she nodded the head of her. I wrapped a hand around the ankle of her and also utilized additional to advance the feet of her in a circular motion. She cringed some each time I have to a place in which her foot was bent some way. “I believe it may only be a cramp. I am going to find out if I am able to move it out,” I said. Once again, she nodded.

I sat down Indian Style on the floor next to her and pulled the feet of her over to me. I set the leg of her across my lap carefully and also started rubbing the calf of her. I applied the hands of mine to knead the muscles on the rear of the leg of her, gradually working the way of mine along the back of her leg. She moaned a little, telling me it likely hurt, but that it had been assisting. I rested the left hand of mine on the front side of the knee of her as I kept working the calf of her with the right hand of mine. Her leg was very very soft and smooth. I nonetheless had a view straight up the dress of her which was making me a bit of anxious. I attempted to concentrate on the leg of her.

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I understood that leg pain and foot problems are usually linked, therefore I chose to provide the foot of her a little attention. I moved my right hand down to her small feet and started transferring my thumb around the bottom part of the foot of her while my other hands wrapped all around the upper part of her feet. I pushed the thumb of mine into the muscles in the bottom part of the feet of her and started working it in gradual circles.

Sarah Cute moaned and also warned, “Be careful, I am ticklish”

Her voice sounded more content these days. I guessed she was feeling a little better. Whether it was due to the massage of mine or even because time had passed I did not realize. In either case, it made me happy she was likely to be acceptable.

I kept focusing on the feet of her. I moved gradually towards the little toes of her. As I hit them, I chose to enjoy just a little fun, therefore I moved the fingertips of mine from the upper part of her feet on the bottom and slid a single finger between all of the toes of her.

She giggled. “Hey, that tickles, stop!”

Her half hearted demand just encouraged me. I licked the index finger of mine and quickly slid it between the big toe of her and also the subsequent toe. She laughed aloud and wiggled her toes furiously. I needed my damp finger and slid it into each gap between the toes of her, gradually pushing it in then pulling it back out there. She kept laughing and moving the toes of her as I relocated the hand of mine back down the feet of her and began focusing on the heels of her.

“I am going to touch your calf again.” I warned, “Let me know whether it still hurts.”

I moved the hand of mine over the ankle of her and began massaging her calf muscle again.

“It’s still sore,” she stated, “But it seems a lot better. Do not quit, yet.”

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She was moving the feet of her all over as I pushed and pulled at the calf of her. Her leg was lying correct across the lap of mine plus her feet was right in the crotch of mine. The movement, mixed with the scenario, caused me to begin to get excited. I shifted somewhat as I started to be concerned that she may be ready to really feel my growing erection with the feet of her. As I relocated my hand around the calf of her, she shifted the additional leg of her in ways that provided me a view straight up the skirt of her and in between the legs of her. I tried not to appear, though I could not help it. Her panties were went on the tips from sweat and I can see right up the length of her right and leg on the advantage of the undies of her. I understood what was under that slim piece of material which made me shake. My erection had attained the motion and total staff of her feet was now revitalizing it. I started to suspect she knew precisely what she was doing. I chose to try the theory of mine.

I moved the hand of mine very slowly from the calf of her up with the interior of the knee of her after which, scared, I slid my hand up the rear of the thigh of her. She moaned and also produced a purring sound. I moved my hand around the leg of her, allowing my finger tips skin gently across the smooth skin of her top leg. As I did so, she started working with the feet of her. She would been just moving it around randomly on the lap of mine, these days she started rubbing straight against the erection of mine, through the shorts of mine. I sighed.

My hand moved thoroughly from the rear of her leg on the interior of the thigh of her. It was very soft and tight and smooth. Sarah Cute was in form that is great, her thighs and legs were all muscle so very sexy. I put the other hand of mine on the interior of the other leg of her and started shifting both hands up and down the inside of the thighs and legs of her. As I did this particular, I experienced her moving the feet of her around the crotch of mine. Suddenly, she used the toes of her to push aside the elastic band of the shorts of mine and put the foot of her right inside of the jeans of mine. I stopped what I was doing for one second and also groaned. I would never ever had a female touch the dick of mine with the foot of her before. I experienced the softness of the bottom part of the feet of her as she started rubbing it down the edge of my hard shaft. She began moving her foot rhythmically up and down the length of the cock of mine, providing the top a bit of added rub each time.

The friction was driving me mad. I started rubbing the legs of her with the hands of mine once again. This time I went all of the way up the dress of her. Ending at the edge of her blue panties, pausing generally there for only a minute and after that starting back down. She moaned as I ran my fingertips around the series of the panties of her in which her legs cam through. I needed so badly go further, though I just knew she needed it way too, which was sufficient to keep me from getting right up. I brushed my hand carefully across the front side of the panties of her once, making positive she can think it. She bucked the body of her up against the hand of mine, as I pulled it away. “Please…” She moaned. I returned to moving my fingertips around the interior of the thighs of her and also teasing the advantage of the panties of her. I licked the finger of mine and rubbed it over the interior of the leg of her, as near as I can go to the growing wet spot on the panties of her without touching it after which pulled it out. Then I did it once again to the other leg of her. She was going nuts. And therefore was I.

I understood that I could not stand the regular motion of her feet sliding against the cock of mine for a lot more time, therefore I chose to offer her one last bit of enjoyment. I leaned forward and ran the tongue of mine along the leg of her, from the upper part of the knee of her, right up the thigh of her and a maximum of the advantage of the panties of her. I wondered if she will grab the head of mine, but she kept the hands of her, as she’d done the entire time, at the side of her. I followed the series of the panties of her with the tongue of mine as far inside of the thigh of her as I can. She tasted sweet, like sweat. Sweat from sweat plus tennis from excitement. With my head buried between the thighs of her, still licking the inner thigh of her, I experienced myself getting set come. Her foot was working feverishly today against the cock of mine. I thrust myself against her tiny foot and shot the load of mine. I came so difficult that my eyes rolled back into the mind of mine and I could not see. My come shot between the toes of her and ran down the foot of her. I might feel the wetness in the pants of mine as well as the unexpected stickiness of the foot of her. I finally completed coming and collapsed with my face yet between the legs of her.

It has taken me a couple of mins to recognize we were out there in the wide open. I would totally lost track of place and time. It was not that early any longer and I was abruptly fearful that somebody might catch us. I cleaned up the very best I might while Sarah Cute placed the shoe of her back on her come soaked foot.

“Thanks.” She stated with a smile. “My leg feels better now.”

I did not understand what to say. “No problem. Thank you. I um…” My voice trailed off as I set my items away and got prepared to abandon. I stammered once again, “I’ve got going today. Get care.”

“See you upcoming Sunday!” She shouted from the court, as I walked rapidly towards the automobile of mine – tired, confused, along with smiling.

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Sunday morning foot fetish – Part 1

Early every Sunday morning before the majority of the planet wakes up, I go right down to the beach and also take a stroll. It is very good to smell the ocean and enjoy the birds as the sun rises. After the stroll of mine, I generally hike as much as the no cost tennis court near the beach parking lot and training my serve. I have never been really good at tennis, though I enjoy it and it is something that gets me from the house. I have been married to the same female for more than twenty yrs. She is wonderful, and we’ve three pieces of offspring that are beautiful, but often it is good to get away. Sunday morning is the time of mine to daydream and consider every one of the elements that I wish to do. It takes the head of mine of the stresses of home and work.

Last Sunday I finished the walk of mine first and headed for the tennis court. As I approached, I was pleasantly surprised to search for someone had beaten me to it. The court is run by the community and it is totally free on the first come, first serve basis. It was still really early on, therefore I thought I may wait for the turn of mine. As I got closer to the court I noticed it had been a lone female standing there, doing her serve. She was much younger than me, possibly twenty seven, and in really great shape. She’d long blonde locks, tied up in a ponytail. She was rather tiny and short; I would guess not much more than five feet. She’d an extremely pretty face and she turned and smiled at me as I sat down on the bench next on the court.

“Hi there!” she stated in a cheerful voice and she walked all over the court getting the toes scattered there and here.

“Good Morning.” I answered. I examined her and smiled back. She was using a short white-colored tennis skirt along with a firm white tank top. As she bent over to acquire a ball, I caught myself seeing the rear of the thighs and legs of her since the back of her skirt pulled up a small.

“It’s a gorgeous morning. I did not believe any person will be out this early.” She responded, still gathering the strays.

“Usually, there’sn’t,” I answered with one more huge smile. “I come out here early very frequently and it is unusual to see an additional person.”

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“My name’s Sarah Cute, by the way.”

“I am Kristof Cale.”

“Well, Kristof Cale, it barely seems good for me to always keep the entire court to myself. Do you want to enjoy a game or maybe two?” she requested as she returned to the far aspect of the court.

I thought over it for a minute, then got the racquet of mine and headed for the court. “I am not really good,” I warned.

“We’ll see who is the toughest, then.” Sarah Cute said with a laugh.

I swung my racquet around a little and also stretched the legs of mine. I looked over and noticed her performing exactly the same. She got the feet of her with the hand of her and pulled the leg of her up behind her, then made it happen once more with the opposite leg. Her skin was tan and looked really smooth from across the court. I carried on watching as she kept the thighs and legs of her straight and bent over and touched the hands of her on the soil. Once more her skirt pulled up in print on the other side and also exposed much more of print on the other side of the thigh of her. I turned out and also kept stretching.

First was served by Sarah Cute. She was truly solid and proved it by whipping her first 2 offers right by me. We both laughed and I vowed to regrow. We had been fairly evenly matched and also the game went forth and back. She will get a point after which I’d. It will have been close in case we had been keeping score. We would been playing for aproximatelly forty five minutes when, in the midst of a very long volley, Sarah Cute abruptly let out a yelp and also fell on the ground. I did not know what had occurred, and I was worried she might be severely hurt. I dropped the racquet of mine on the court and ran to her, leaping the web on the way of mine. She was resting on her side holding onto her right calf. I can see by the grimace on the experience of her that she was in pain.

“Are you alright?” I asked, realizing it had been a dumb question as I mentioned it.
“Shit. The leg of mine. I believe something was pulled by me. Ahh. Fuck!” She mumbled through clenched teeth.

I was kneeling down alongside her as she lay there groaning and rocking back and forth. “Where will it hurt?” I asked, checking out the legs of her.

“My calf.” She answered exhaling.

“Let me check out it.” I said softly, attempting making her feel better. “Maybe there is a thing I am able to do.”

I put the hand of mine on her right ankle after which moved it gradually up the rear of her leg on the knees. It felt hot, though I did not really feel some bones sticking out or maybe anything that is going to tell me it was obviously a considerable injury. “Do you receive muscle cramps very often?” I asked.

“Not actually. I have had them in the past, but not in much time,” she answered, still in pain.

“I am going to rub it a bit and find out in case it helps.” I said. “Tell me when it hurts and I will stop.”


“Roll over on the left side of yours so I can easily see the rear side of your respective calf,” I said reassuringly.

She rolled over, still within the fetal position, right now with the right leg of her on top and accessible. I could not help but see the perspective right up the rear of her tennis skirt as she lay there. She was sporting blue cotton panties under the dress of her. Nothing overly sexy, though it still gave me somewhat of a chill being that good and also have such a view. I turned the focus of mine back to the leg of her.

I moved my hand very slowly along the rear of the leg of her from the knees of her down to her ankle. “I am going to remove the footwear of yours so I am able to go your foot.”

Again she gave me a pained. “Okay.”

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Foot Fetish Blonde

Foot fetish and bound feet punishment of busty blonde babe in under soles spanking and burning sparklers torments of her delicious exposed feet. Cherry is tied up in the dungeon for foot torments and cruel caning under the soles of her feet. The busty british blonde is hotwax tormented, has sparklers teasing and punishing her feet and recieves vicious strokes of a rattan cane under her feet whilst restrained in foot bondage. Blonde Cherry loves to have her pretty feet exposed, teased and tormented and had been looking forward to an intense foot fetish session in the dungeon.

Cherrys Foot Fetish

The big tit blonde isnt disappointed as her master works over her delicious feet and soles with several tormenting implements – enter Cherrys Foot Fetish.