Holly’s Delicious Feet


Holly has some of the most delicate and yummy toes I’ve ever seen.  I just can’t help myself when I’m around her.  And of course she totally encourages it because she knows if she appeals to my foot fetish side she’ll get fucked however she wants later. 

Last night she came out wearing these adorable petite mules with little feathers on them.  Her feet were freshly washed from her bath and her toes were painted pink.  And she wasn’t wearing anything else.  When she settled in beside me on the couch I couldn’t resist a nibble.  Her toes are so hot.  And then I had to lick up her in-step.  She squealed and giggled and it just turned me on more.  I played with her feet for ages before I knew I had to get my peen into her wet kunt before I exploded in my pants!  Holly knows how to please a man and she doesn’t hold back! 

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