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Tawny is everything a college girl should be, hot, naked and horny! You should have seen the look on her face as I sucked her toes, I felt my cock twitch just watching! It did a lot more then twitch once she got her feet wrapped around it I assure you! First she kneaded my balls with her toes, and then as my precum oozed over the head of my cock, her soft feet started pulling on my hard cock, stroking it with just the right amount of pressure to make me burst!


Katia sort of had that ‘girl next door’ thing going for her. That is, until you slipped her shirt off and got a look at her boobs. Not only did this amazingly gorgeous footjob model have the best rack in town, she had some pretty talented feet as well! Check out the ball busting action that’s guaranteed to make you bust a nut as you watch her clench this lucky guy’s shaft between her feet and start stroking, while he gets to feel her up! This is one footjob that you don’t want to miss.


Nautica had the biggest, bluest eyes that I’d ever seen! I could have totally gotten lost in them and never wanted to be found if it hadn’t been for one thing. This amazing footjob model also had the cutest little feet I’d ever seen! This sexy babe milked every last drop of cum from my balls using only her dexterous little toes and her knack for knowing exactly how hard to tug and how fast to stroke my shaft! I’ll never find this hot of a foot babe ever again – so it’s a good thing I have it all on film!


Candi doesn’t look like much, she has that girl next door thing going on true, but she’s not really my type….but holy fuck the things she can do with her feet! This girl has long toes that she can do things with you have never seen before! The way she curls her toes I thought for sure she was going to get me off with just one foot! In the end it took two, squeezing my cock between the two of them, rubbing up and down, harder and harder, until finally I


Alicia was a horny little slut, she came when I licked her toes while she teased her hot little twat – but I didn’t want our encounter to be over so quickly, not until I’d gotten mine. After the pleasure I’d given her, Mia was all too willing to pamper my rod. On her hands and knees in front of me, she slid her feet over the length of my aching cock, faster and faster until I thought I was going to burst, and then she flipped over, frigging her clit with her hand while her dexterous feet milked the cum from my cock!

Lani for

Within minutes of getting her clothes off, Lani was all over my cock. First she teased me with just the tips of her toes, letting them dance all over the head of my already throbbing cock. Then she slid her feet up to rub the sides of my meat with her pretty arches. She slowly jerked me off with her feet, sliding up and down my cock like a footjob pro! When she leaned back on the couch and started to tease her pussy with her fingers while she squeezed my cock between her feet, I knew it wasn’t going to be long before I blew my load!


Tic Tac Toes


Strictly Broadband Presents….

Tonnes of foot foreplay! These hoes toe the line between beautiful pin-up models and filthy cocksucking sperm addicts. Everything a foot freak could want, plus some serious hard fucking and toe-sucking!

Footsie Babes 5


Strictly Broadband Presents….

Major Foot Worship! 21sextury Video’s fetish special Footsie Babes 5! Six sexy and leggy footsie babes present everything that would drive any foot lover crazy. If your fetish is shiny nail polish on cute toes, silky long legs or sticky sperm on the soles, this title will surely satisfy all your dreams!

Mouth 2 Toe #6


Strictly Broadband Presents….

Four Hot Scenes Of Solo Action! Check out this delicious fetish featuring tootsies on tasty babes! Don’t miss these beautiful sexy feet all laid out for you to suck and lick. The heels of their pumps are not just for walking they are going to find another place to put them that is going to blow your mind!