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Busty Young Hottie Gives Great Footjob

Two horny young fuckers, Ashley and Jordan, are lying nude on the couch and touching each other. They swing around in to a hot 69, with Ashley sucking Jordan’s cock down to the base while he licks her sopping wet snatch. Periodically they suck on each others’ toes and play around with their feet, tickling and teasing. Jordan even inserts his toes into Ashley’s pussy and then she starts jerking his cock with her pretty feet. While Jordan lies back in pleasure, Ashley jacks his cock between her soles, getting him closer and closer to breaking point. Jordan gasps as Ashley brings him off and he covers her petite feet with his white spunk.

Blond Uses Sexy Feet To Jerk Off A Cock

A lonely foot fetish addict finds an ad in the back of a porno magazine for a foot escort in his area. He gets her over to his house and she’s even hotter in the flesh – a perfect, nubile blond with great tits, long legs and perfect feet. He licks her wonderful feet, lingering on her sweet little toes. She takes his cock between the soles of her feet and rolls it around, giving him an excellent footjob. He fucks her pussy while continuing to lick and suckle on her pretty toes. When he’s ready to cum, she takes his cock between her feet again and brings him off with style, and he spurts all over the top of her feet, covering them with goo.

Bond Hottie Gives Hot Footjob

Fresh faced blond Cory manipulates her perfectly manicured toes all over rock hard Greg Meyers cock. Laying naked facing each other she places her toes all over his penis making him swell with excitement. She then lays on top of him face up, masturbating her pink shaved pussy while jerking his cock off with her pretty toes. Laying back to face him again she begins to moan as she brings herself to orgasm. The excitement of watching this hot girl get off on her own fingers while rubbing his firm cock it too much for him. He encourages her to continue as a stream of hot cum rolls all over his dick and down her feet and toes.

Fancy Foot Work Makes Foot Fucking Fun

Alicia loves toe-curling sex, and she is quickly finding out that she likes curling her toes around a hard dick too! Starting off with her toes and feet licked and teased, she’s almost ready to cum as she plays with her tight warm pussy. With her feet lubed up, pretty blond Alicia uses some fancy footwork to jack off her foot-loving man. Alicia begs for a hot wad of manlove all over her sexy feet and gets her wish!

Pretty Foot Girls Jerk Off Lucky Wanker

Foot fetishist Greg Meyer has recruited two nubile young sluts, Alise and Holly, to come back to his office for a sexy foot sex shoot. While the camera rolls, the two slappers get naked and show off their hot little bodies, so young and tender, to the drooling pornographer. He sits back and relaxes while the girls get dirty on his cock with their feet, rolling it and jerking it between their toes and the soles of their feet. They even spit on the shaft to make it moist and cunt-like for dirty Greg. At the end, he has one girl sitting on his face as she and the other girl skillfully jerk him off to orgasm with their pretty tootsies.

Foot Fondling Freaks Get Fancy Footjob!

Got a foot fetish? You should find a slutty tramp like Alizza who wil strip naked and fuck your cock with her toes! This foot whore has great tits, a sweet ass, but most importantly sexy feet! Alizza gets a lesson in how to make a man cum with just her feet, as she gets her toes licked and pampered before she gets her feet busy. With some practice, dedication, and lots of lube, toe-whore Alizza jerks off her willing participant until he cums all over her horny feet!

Foot Fetishes Take Center Stage Licking

is getting a foot massage on the sofa to each other when Michael decides to get in on the action. This girl quickly starts using those feet of hers to massage his cock in a whacking off. His arousal from it has his kissing and sucking her toes. Ever more excited after each second, all strip down and this girl masturbates while using their feet to work his cock. As she jack him off with their feet he keeps sucking her toes. With this girl is tickling her clit while working his wang, he gets so hot that he just has to bust his nut. He never takes these beautiful toes out of his mouth for more than a minute.

Tawney’s toes are more talented than a lot of girl’s tongues

Tawney is not like the other girls. If you listen to her comments during the opening interview you can tell right away that this alt-girl follows the beat of a very different drummer. The good news is all of her yoga lessons and sexual meditation practice is finally starting to payoff big-time for her on camera. In this episode she features some fancy footwork as she tap-dances her partner’s way to orgasm and leaves with her feet inside some very sticky shoes!

A foot-fetish threeway is a rare thing to see and it rocks!

Most foot fetish videos follow the same formula as all the others with a single guy or gal playing with the feet of a lone costar. This movie is different because it features a rare threeway foot-worship session that makes use of all six ankles and all thirty toes! Vanessa, Greg Meyer and Tammy can hardly keep their hands and mouths off of each other’s feet long enough to let us get our lighting and camera equipment set up. This one is hot!